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Quarta, 24.01.2018
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R$ 74,90

Entrega: 15 dias - Nacional.
Definitely Maybe (deluxe) (remaster) (3 cds)

Lanšamento: 12/11/2014
EdišŃo tripla de aniversßrio do ßlbum Definitely Maybe.
Inclui o ßlbum original remasterizado, vers§es demo, b-sides,
faixas ao vivo entre outras raridades.
Embalagem digipack.

CD 1
1. ┤Rock┤n┤Roll Star┤
2. ┤Shakermaker┤
3. ┤Live Forever┤
4. ┤Up In The Sky┤
5. ┤Columbia┤
6. ┤Supersonic┤
7. ┤Bring It On Down┤
8. ┤Cigarettes & Alcohol┤
9. ┤Digsy┤s Dinner┤
10. ┤Slide Away┤
11. ┤Married With Children┤

CD 2
1. ┤Columbia┤ (White Label Demo)
2. ┤Cigarettes & Alcohol┤ (Demo)
3. ┤Sad Song┤
4. ┤I Will Believe┤ (Ao vivo)
5. ┤Take Me Away┤
6. ┤Alive┤ (Demo)
7. ┤D┤Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?┤
8. ┤Supersonic┤ (Ao vivo)
9. ┤Up In The Sky┤ (Ac˙stico)
10. ┤Cloudburst┤
11. ┤Fade Away┤
12. ┤Listen Up┤
13. ┤I Am The Walrus┤ (Ao vivo em Glasgow, junho de 1994)
14. ┤Whatever┤
15. ┤(It┤s Good) To Be Free┤
16. ┤Half The World Away┤

CD 3
1. ┤Supersonic┤ (Ao vivo em Glasgow)
2. ┤Rock┤N┤Roll Star┤ (Demo)
3. ┤Shakermaker┤ (Ao vivo em Paris)
4. ┤Columbia┤ (Eden Studios Mix)
5. ┤Cloudburst┤ (Demo)
6. ┤Strange Thing┤ (Demo)
7. ┤Live Forever┤ (Ao vivo em Paris)
8. ┤Cigarettes & Alcohol┤ (Ao vivo na Manchester Academy)
9. ┤D┤Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?┤ (Ao vivo na Manchester Academy)
10.┤Fade Away┤ (Demo)
11. ┤Take Me Away┤ (Ao vivo na Manchester Academy)
12. ┤Sad Song┤ (Ao vivo na Manchester Academy)
13. ┤Half The World Away┤ (Ao vivo num quarto de hotel em Tˇquio)
14. ┤Digsy┤s Dinner┤ (Ao vivo en Paris)
15. ┤Married With Children┤ (Demo)
16. ┤Up In The Sky┤ (Ao vivo em Paris)
17. ┤Whatever┤ (cordas)

Wonderwall (2 tracks)


D┤You Know What I Mean?