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Segunda, 18.02.2019
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R$ 89,90

Em Estoque - Nacional.
Rarities (lp)

Vinil 12 Polegadas
Capa dupla. Com encarte.
Semi novo. Nacional.

A1 Love Me Do 2:22
A2 Misery 1:46
A3 There´s A Place 1:47
A4 Sie Liebt Dich 2:16
A5 And I Love Her 2:36
A6 Help! 2:16
A7 I´m Only Sleeping 2:59
A8 I Am The Walrus 4:32
B1 Penny Lane 3:00
B2 Helter Skelter 3:38
B3 Don´t Pass Me By 3:45
B4 The Inner Light 2:32
B5 Across The Universe 3:44
B6 You Know My Name (Look Up My Number) 4:17
B7 Sgt. Pepper Inner Groove 0:02

In Europe 1965 (dvd)

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (lp)(vl)

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