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Segunda, 25.05.2020
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R$ 49,90

Em Estoque - Nacional.
Rolling Stones
Flashpoint (seminovo)

Produto raro CD seminovo.

1. (intro) Continental Drift
2. Start Me Up
3. Sad Sad Sad
4. Miss You
5. Rock And a Hard Place
6. Ruby Tuesday
7. You Can´t Always Get What You Want
8. Factory Girl
9. Can´t Be Seen
10. Little Red Rooster
11. Paint It Black
12. Sympathy For the Devil
13. Brown Sugar
14. Jumpin Jack Flash
15. I Can´t Get no Satisfaction
16. Highwire
17. Sex Drive

Still Life (remaster)
Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers (Russian edition) (lp)
Rolling Stones

Flashpoint (lp)
Rolling Stones