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Stray Cats
Hollywood Strut (Unreleased Cuts)

Lanšamento: 13/1/2008
CD com faixas 1 a 5 ac˙sticas gravadas em est˙dio e das faixas 6 a 15 ao vivo no Roxy em 1981.

1.Stray Cat Strut
2.We n┤ Love
3.Mystery Train
4.Summertime Blues
5.Oh, Boy!
6.Double Talkin┤ Baby [Live]
7.Rumble in Brighton [Live]
8.Baby, What You Want Me to Do [Live]
9.Rev It Up and Go [Live]
10.Beautiful Delilah [Live]
11.Stray Cat Strut [Live]
12.Rock Around With Ollie Vee [Live]
13.Fishnet Stockings [Live]
14.Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie [Live]
15.Rock This Town [Live]

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