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Dead Kennedys
Live At the Deaf Club

Lançamento: 9/3/2004
Álbum ao vivo gravado durante apresentação em março de 1979 (San Francisco´s Deaf Club).

1. Introduction - DJ Johnny Walker
2. Kill The Poor - (disco version)
3. Back In Rhodesia - (early version of When You Get Drafted)
4. Man With The Dogs, The
5. Gaslight - (previously unreleased)
6. California Uber Alles
7. Ill In The Head
8. Straight A´s
9. Short Songs
10. Holiday In Cambodia
11. Police Truck
12. Forward To Death
13. Have I The Right
14. Back In The USSR
15. Viva Las Vegas

In God We Trust, Inc
Dead Kennedys

Live At the Deaf Club
Dead Kennedys