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Dead Kennedys
Live At the Deaf Club

Lançamento: 9/3/2004
Álbum ao vivo gravado durante apresentação em março de 1979 (San Francisco´s Deaf Club).

1. Introduction - DJ Johnny Walker
2. Kill The Poor - (disco version)
3. Back In Rhodesia - (early version of When You Get Drafted)
4. Man With The Dogs, The
5. Gaslight - (previously unreleased)
6. California Uber Alles
7. Ill In The Head
8. Straight A´s
9. Short Songs
10. Holiday In Cambodia
11. Police Truck
12. Forward To Death
13. Have I The Right
14. Back In The USSR
15. Viva Las Vegas

Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
Dead Kennedys

Bedtime for Democracy
Dead Kennedys

Milking the Sacred Cow
Dead Kennedys