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Entrega: 30 dias - Europeu.
Basement Beehive: Girl Group Underground
Basement Beehive: Girl Group Underground (2cd)

Lançamento: 14/9/2018
Coletânea dupla que reúne bandas femininas dos anos 1960.
Embalagem deluxe no formato boxset (caixa).

CD: 1
1. Will You Be My Love
2. I´ll Never Know
3. My Fault
4. I Gotta Know
5. I Wanna Be a Winner
6. A Love of Mine
7. I´ll Say Yes
8. Searching For My Man
9. Help Me Somebody
10. Same Old Sweet Lovin´
11. My Lover
12. Find Somebody New
13. I Don´t Believe
14. Never Gonna Cry
15. Dum, Dum, De Dip
16. Come Go with Me
17. Melvin
18. I Believe (The Man Loves Me)
19. Fall In Love Again
20. Unlucky In Love
21. Broken Heart
22. I Won´t Cry
23. Where Is Love
24. Thank You Baby
25. From One Fool To Another
26. Baby Be Good (While I´m Gone)
27. Teenage Dropout
28. Laughing on the Outside

CD: 2
1. You´re Acting Kind of Strange
2. Oh My Sweet Love
3. Never Change Our Love
4. I´m Leaving You
5. Don´t Look
6. Baby I´m Crying
7. He´ll Wait On Me
8. The Lonely Fool
9. Lonely Girl
10. My Plea
11. My Heart Can Feel The Pain
12. I Don´t Want to Lose You
13. For As Long As You Want Me
14. Tell Me Not to Hurt
15. Ain´t It the Truth
16. Forever Is a Long, Long Time
17. You Confuse Me Baby
18. He´s All Mine
19. Devil´s Gotten Into My Baby
20. Come Back
21. I´m Sorry Baby
22. A Crush On You
23. Gimme Gimme
24. What Do You Do
25. The Nursery
26. It´s Alright
27. Ain´t Gonna Hurt My Pride
28. The Humpty-Dump

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