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Terça, 23.01.2018
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R$ 159,90

Entrega: 20 dias - Americano.
Inglorious II (deluxe) (cd+dvd)

Lançamento: 12/5/2017
Segundo álbum de estúdio.
Edição Deluxe com DVD extra contendo gravações ao vivo e clipes.

1. I Don´t Need Your Loving
2. Taking The Blame
3. Tell Me Why
4. Read All About It
5. Change Is Coming
6. Making Me Pay
7. Hell or High Water
8. No Good For You
9. I Got A Feeling
10. Black Magic
11. Faraway
12. High Class Woman

1. Until I Die (Live At Donington)
2. Breakaway (Live At Donington)
3. High Flying Gypsy (Live At Donington)
4. No Good For You (Live At Donington)
5. Holy Water (Live At Donington)
6. Warning (Live At Donington)
7. Unaware (Live At Donington)
8. Inglorious Epk
9. Taking The Blame (Music Video)
10. I Don´t Need Your Loving (Music Video)
11. Behind The Scenes

Inglorious II