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Entrega: 20 dias - Americano.
Guns n Roses
Tales of Destruction (interview)

Lançamento: 12/8/2016
CD contendo entrevista exclusiva com a banda.
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1. Slash Talks About The Best Rumors He'S Heard About Himself And Gnr
2. Hearing His Music On The Radio For The First Time
3. His Parents Knew David Geffen When He Was Growing Up So Slash Knew Him
4. Paul Stanly Of Kiss Wanted To Produce Guns And Roses, But They Turned Him Down
5. The Story Behind Welcome To The Jungle, Axel Wrote The Lyrics
6. How Slash Came Up With The Guns And Roses Logo
7. Talks About Tattoos On The Band...He Draws His Own
8. Slash Discusses The Pmrc Stickers And Why Their Records Were Banned
9. Night Train Is About Ripple Wine Which They Used To Drink
10. Has The Initial Success Of Gnr Changed The Band
11. Paradise City Is The Only Song I Got To Improvise The Guitar
12. What He Likes In The Creative Process...How Sweet Child Of Mine Came About
13. My Michelle Is A Song About A Girl I Used To Go Out With
14. Mr. Brownstone Was Written By Slash And Izzy
15. Slash Talks About Making Videos.... Doesn'T Like The Process But Likes The Results
16. Does Slash Think Music Can Still Have An Edge
17. Slash Discussing ""out Ta Get Me"" And How Most Songs Were Recorded In Three Takes Or Less
18. The Dead Pool Movie And Meeting Clint Eastwood
19. What'S The Interplay Of Playing With Izzy And How He Figures Out What His Solos Are...
20. What Guitar Players Does He Listen To.... Who Influenced Him
21. Didn'T Have Aspirations To Be A Musician In The Beginning

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