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Domingo, 25.02.2018
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Cold War Kids
La Divine

Lançamento: 7/4/2017
Sexto álbum de estúdio.

1 Love Is Mystical
2 Can We Hang On?
3 So Tied Up (Feat. Bishop Briggs)
4 Restless
5 La River
6 No Reason to Run
7 Open Up the Heavens
8 Invincible
9 Wilshire Protest
10 Luck Down
11 Ordinary Idols
12 Cameras Always on
13 Part of the Night
14 Free to Breathe

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
Cold War Kids

Behave Yourself (Ep)
Cold War Kids

Loyalty to Loyalty (Bonus DVD) (DLX)
Cold War Kids