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Sexta, 20.10.2017
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I Keep It To Myself: Best of Wilko Johnson

Lançamento: 10/3/2017
Coletânea dupla do músico inglês que fez parte da banda Dr. Feelgood.
Inclui músicas da carreira solo e da banda do qual ele participou.

Disc 1
1 Roxette
2 She Does It Right
3 I Keep It to Myself
4 Ice on the Motorway
5 Back in the Night
6 Turned 21
7 Paradise
8 Barbed Wire Blues
9 Dr Dupree
10 Sneaking Suspicion
11 Living in the Heart of Love
12 Some Kind of Hero

Disc 2
1 Twenty Yards Behind
2 Out in the Traffic
3 Cairo Blues
4 The Hook
5 Keep on Loving You
6 All Right
7 When I´m Gone
8 Come Back and Love Me
9 She´s Good Like That
10 The Beautiful Madrilena
11 Underneath Orion
12 Down By the Waterside
13 I Really Love Your Rock ´N´ Roll