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Segunda, 21.08.2017
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R$ 239,90

Entrega: 20 dias - Americano.
Best: 1983-2017 (boxset) (3cds)

Lançamento: 4/8/2017
Coletânea tripla que reúne o melhor produzido por Howard Jones
entre os anos de 1983 e 2017.
Inclui raridades, tais como remixes e faixas acústicas.
Acompanha livreto com fotos e textos sobre o artista.
Tiragem Limitada Cherry Red Records.
Embalagem Deluxe no Formato Digipack.
Produto Europeu no Catálogo Americano.

CD 1
1 Things Can Only Get Better
2 No One Is to Blame
3 What Is Love?
4 New Song
5 Like to Get to Know You Well
6 Pearl in the Shell
7 Hide & Seek
8 Everlasting Love
9 Look Mama
10 Life in One Day
11 Specialty
12 All I Want
13 You Know I Love You... Don´t You?
14 Little Bit of Snow
15 The Prisoner
16 Will You Still Be There?

CD 2
1 Lift Me Up
2 City Song
3 One Last Try
4 Cookin´ in the Kitchen
5 Nothing to Fear
6 You´re the Buddha
7 If You Love
8 Let the People Have Their Say
9 Just Look at You Now
10 Revolution of the Heart
11 The Presence of Other
12 Someone You Need
13 Soon You´ll Go
14 Ordinary Heroes
15 Joy
16 The Human Touch
17 Eagle Will Fly Again

CD 3
1 Back in Your Life (Acoustic Live)
2 Building Our Own Future (Acoustic Live)
3 City Song (Acoustic Live)
4 No One Is to Blame (Acoustic Live)
5 Everlasting Love (Acoustic Live)
6 Just Look at You Now (Electric Live)
7 Don´t Wanna Fight Anymore (Electric Live)
8 Like to Get to Know You Well/Cookin´ in the Kitchen (Mash Up Live)
9 You´re the Buddha (The Robbie Bronnimann Mix)


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