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Quinta, 19.07.2018
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R$ 269,90

Entrega: 20 dias - Americano.
Best: 1983-2017 (boxset) (3cds)

Lançamento: 4/8/2017
Coletânea tripla que reúne o melhor produzido por Howard Jones
entre os anos de 1983 e 2017.
Inclui raridades, tais como remixes e faixas acústicas.
Acompanha livreto com fotos e textos sobre o artista.
Tiragem Limitada Cherry Red Records.
Embalagem Deluxe no Formato Digipack.
Produto Europeu no Catálogo Americano.

CD 1
1 Things Can Only Get Better
2 No One Is to Blame
3 What Is Love?
4 New Song
5 Like to Get to Know You Well
6 Pearl in the Shell
7 Hide & Seek
8 Everlasting Love
9 Look Mama
10 Life in One Day
11 Specialty
12 All I Want
13 You Know I Love You... Don´t You?
14 Little Bit of Snow
15 The Prisoner
16 Will You Still Be There?

CD 2
1 Lift Me Up
2 City Song
3 One Last Try
4 Cookin´ in the Kitchen
5 Nothing to Fear
6 You´re the Buddha
7 If You Love
8 Let the People Have Their Say
9 Just Look at You Now
10 Revolution of the Heart
11 The Presence of Other
12 Someone You Need
13 Soon You´ll Go
14 Ordinary Heroes
15 Joy
16 The Human Touch
17 Eagle Will Fly Again

CD 3
1 Back in Your Life (Acoustic Live)
2 Building Our Own Future (Acoustic Live)
3 City Song (Acoustic Live)
4 No One Is to Blame (Acoustic Live)
5 Everlasting Love (Acoustic Live)
6 Just Look at You Now (Electric Live)
7 Don´t Wanna Fight Anymore (Electric Live)
8 Like to Get to Know You Well/Cookin´ in the Kitchen (Mash Up Live)
9 You´re the Buddha (The Robbie Bronnimann Mix)

Howard Jones, Best Of, Boxset Deluxe, Coletânea Tripla, Limited Edition, Cherry Red Records, London Calling Discos, Loja De Discos Em São Paulo

Peaceful Tour Concert Collection

12 Inch Album

Best: 1983-2017 (boxset) (3cds)