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Roots of AC/DC (2cd)

Lançamento: 24/6/2016
No CD 1: músicas do Geordie, primeira banda do Brian Johnson.
No CD 2: canções que influenciaram o AC/DC.
Inclui 3 covers.

CD 1
1. Don´t Do That
2. Francis Was a Rocker
3. All Because of You
4. Ain´t It Just Like a Woman
5. Can You Do It
6. Red Eyed Lady
7. Electric Lady
8. Geordie Stomp
9. Black Cat Woman
10. She´s a Teaser
11. We´re All Right Now
12. Ride on Baby
13. Goodbye Love
14. She´s a Lady

CD 2
1. Round and Round and Round
2. I Can´t Dance with You
3. Sookie Sookie
4. Every Day You Have to Cry
5. Love Makes Sweet Music
6. I Can Hear the Raindrops
7. Why Me?
8. Peculiar Hole in the Sky
9. She Said
10. To Know You Is to Love You
11. Carey Gully
12. Mannish Boy (Muddy Waters)
13. Tribute to Elmore (Eric Clapton & J. Page)
14. Steelin´ (Jeff Beck)

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