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Entrega: 30 dias - Europeu.
Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory (Special Edition)(2CD)

Lançamento: 19/8/2003
Edição especial dupla, contendo faixas bônus.

1 Papercut
2 One Step Closer
3 With You
4 Points Of Authority
5 Crawling
6 Runaway
7 By Myself
8 In The End
9 A Place For My Head
10 Forgotten
11 Cure For The Itch
12 Pushing Me Away

Bonus CD:
13 Papercut (Live/ Bbc)
14 Points Of Authority (Live/ Bbc)
15 A Place In My Head (Live/ Bbc)
16 My December (Non-Album Track)
17 High Voltage (Non-Album Track)

Reanimation (Dig)
Linkin Park

Living Things
Linkin Park

Hunting Party
Linkin Park