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Progeny: Highlights From Seventy-Two (2cd)

Lançamento: 19/5/2015
Álbum duplo ao vivo, que registra músicas gravadas em diversos
shows durante os meses de outubro e novembro de 1972.

CD 1
1. Opening (Excerpt From "Firebird Suite")
2. "Siberian Khatru"
3. "I´ve Seen All Good People"
a. "Your Move"
b. "All Good People"
4. "Heart Of The Sunrise"
5. "Clap/Mood For A Day"
6. "And You And I"
a. "Cord Of Life"
b. "Eclipse"
c. "The Preacher The Teacher"
d. "Apocalypse"

CD 2
1. "Close To The Edge"
a. "The Solid Time Of Change"
b. "Total Mass Retain"
c. "I Get Up I Get Down"
d. "Seasons Of Man"
2. Excerpts From "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII"
3. "Roundabout"
4. "Yours Is No Disgrace"

Relayer (cd + bluray audio)

Fragile (Gold) (RMST)

Drama (Bonus Tracks) (RMST)