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Em Estoque - Nacional.
Ending On a High Note

Lançamento: 13/7/2011
Gravado ao vivo durante o último show da banda, em 04 de dezembro de 2010.

01. The Sun Always Shines On TV
02. The Blood That Moves The Body
03. Scoundrel Days
04. The Swing Of Things
05. Forever Not Yours
06. Stay On These Roads
07. Manhattan Skyline
08. Hunting High And Low
09. Minor Earth, Major Sky
10. Summer Moved On
11. I´ve Been Losing You
12. Foot Of The Mountain
13. Cry Wolf
14. Analogue
15. The Living Daylights
16. Take On Me

MTV Unplugged: Summer Solstice (2cd)

MTV Unplugged: Summer Solstice (dvd)

Hunting High & Low (lp)